Declasse Savanna Rusty (IVF-Badges-Extras-PJ)

Original SAVANNA from GTA SA with new improvements.

- DECLASSE logos from GTA IV
- SAVANNA logo made by me
- New rust texture (including interior & chrome parts)
- various parts collided
- New Grill Texture
- Some lights don't work well
- New 3D Steering Wheel
- Paintable in 3 colors:
-- 1: Body
-- 2: Interior
-- 3: Glass tint (Comes Black by Default)
- New Wheels (basic with transparent hole texture)
- Contains 5 Worn Style Paint Jobs:
-- 3 - Lowrider style
-- 1 - Flames
-- 1 - Declasse Bomber

Adaptations to ImVehFt:
- Directional lights (Front and Rear)
- Reverse lights
- Functional Steering Wheel

As extras It has:
- 6 Textures for the Interior
- 4 sound equipment (different color combinations)
- antennas
- curb feelers
Being able to Appear with 6 different Combinations of these.

All Accessories used are Low or Mid Poly, that is, they fit Perfectly in the Environment of the Game (they are SA Style)

Although it will also work without the animation of the extra lights in case you don't have ImVehFt installed

You can download this mod by link below.

Autor jalbert1998
Marca GTA SA
Modelo Savanna
Tipo de vehículo Coches
Estilo de la carrocería de coche Cabriolé
Conduzca tipo Las ruedas traseras (RWD)
Modelo para reemplazar Savanna
Contiene trabajos de pintura
Número de colores que podrás 4
Contiene los extras
Soporta Tune
Ajuste los elementos Por defecto
Adaptarse a Improved Vehicle Features
Versión ImVehFt Improved Vehicle Features 2.1.1
Este archivo sustituye el modelo savanna.dff (0.36mb)
savanna.txd (2.64mb)
savanna1.txd (0.5mb)
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savanna4.txd (0.5mb)

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